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Selco Builders Warehouse

Selco Builders Warehouse
Primary objectives:
Store Promotions
Secondary objectives:
Brand Exposure
Campaign Details:

Selco Builders warehouse is known to be a specialist trade only outlet. The artwork portraits an offer on a "pot of paint".  Selco's way of going main stream and invite non-trade customers is to showcase everyday items within their advertising campaigns. Selco's marketing strategy was to target main commuter routes, cities and other areas in and around their competitors. The overall objective was to create brand awareness/exposure to the local and wider catchment areas nearer each of the Selco stores.

Campaign Route Details:
Intensive Driver Role
Intensive & non-intensive store dependent route plans and briefs
Non-Intensive Logistics Role from Management/Campaign-operator

Client had provided us with a mixture of intensive route plans and also some non-intensive route briefs which it had gathered from each of the stores and relayed onto us. Client was happy as long as high exposure was delivered by our experienced campaign drivers in terms of targeting busy commuter routes; busy retail outlets & competition.

Logistically quite an easy campaign to operate from the management perspective. The driver and advan were able to commute back and forth each day from our base. 

Campaign Areas:
Leeds; Bradford; Manchester sites; Nottingham
Campaign Pictures:
Selco Builders Warehouse Selco Builders Warehouse