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East Riding of Yorkshire Council

East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Primary objectives:
Membership Join-up
Secondary objectives:
Public Interest Campaign
Campaign Details:

A multi-destination advertising campaign throughout the east Riding Areas of Yorkshire. Campaign requirements to deliver a targeted campaign blitz in main cities/towns in East Yorkshire and help reach its 100,000 member join-up.

A coalition of local councils across England participating in this scheme. Councils competing friendly against each other for the most membership sign-ups. At the end the full spectrum of memberships would be auctioned off on a non-profit basis to energy providers in a bid to secure a fantastic low energy deals for consumers who have signed-up to the government backed "U-Switch" campaign.

Campaign Route Details:
Intensive Driver's Role
Intensive Client Route- plan
Intensive Logistics Role from Management/Campaign-operator

A very intensive and demanding driver's role required throughout from the very start to finish. One of the more demanding campaigns which Monster Ads has undertaken. A very route intensive and time-sensitive campaign where client strategy which key in delivering and fulfilling the clients marketing objectives. Driver was required to deliver an almost hour-by-hour route fulfillment rate for each day of the campaign. Driver was to ensure that the advan would meet promotional staff at specified areas throughout the day. 

One of our more demanding logistical roles from a management perespective. After assessing the client route brief the Campaign-operator was required to meet all logistical and strategic requirements of the client route brief to ensure that the driver and advan were placed in appropriate accommodations en-route for each of the following days booking destinations;- as travelling back and forth to base was a counter-productive option.

Campaign Areas:
Cottingham; Pocklington; Bridlington; Driffield; Goole; Withernsea; Hornsea; Beverely & others
Campaign Pictures:
East Riding of Yorkshire Council East Riding of Yorkshire Council