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Direct Line

Direct Line
Primary objectives:
Generate Exhibition Ticket Sales
Secondary objectives:
Exhibition Exposure to Catchment Area
Campaign Details:

A Landlord Exhibition event open to public and trade. Although the Exhibition had been advertised in specialist magazines and supplements and a turn-out was expected the exhibition show required further ticket sales to fill and enhance the exhibition show. Client objective was to make sure they could fill the venue for it to be a success for both the event’s organisers; the sponsors and the exhibition stall holders. The advan was used to generate and drive in extra ticket sales from the trade and public in the local and wider catchment areas who were unaware of the exhibition. 

A successful turn-out for the exhibition resulted in the event organisers re-booking further campaigns with us for more up-coming Exhibition events  and Trade shows.

Campaign Route Details:
Non-Intensive Driver Role
Non-Intensive Route Brief
Non-Intensive Logistics Role from Management/Campaign-operator

A non- intensive Campaign Route Brief was given to driver and part of the driver's role was to put together a strategic and high exposure campaign route which would encapsulate all the busy commuter-route traffic and city centre traffic at peak times throughout the day. 

Logistically a  relaxed  role from the Campaign-operator. Campaign-operator just had to make sure that the whole booking process from start to finish with the client was fulfilled in a easy 1,2,3 step process as standard. Driver was easily able to travel back and forth every day of the Manchester Campaign. The Nottingham campaign was also easy to operate as it only required the driver and advan to be placed at the same accommodation throughout the duration of the campaign as all the campaign would be completed through to fulfilment within the Nottingham area.

Campaign Areas:
Manchester; Nottingham
Campaign Pictures:
Direct Line Direct Line