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  • Sports & Events Targeting
  • Exhibitions & Trade Shows
  • Events Promoting
  • Venue Promoting
  • Local Business Exposure
  • Recruitment Campaign
  • Membership Growth

Advertise your Campaign on our 48 Sheet Back-Lit AdVans

With today's highly focused advertising demands, AdVans are one of the most effective and efficient ways to target & grab location/area specific OOH consumer audiences. With such a large stand-out & eye catching format such as our AdVans your campaign is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. AdVans are the perfect large-format medium to drive your message to your audience anytime; anywhere; and more importantly with Monster AdVans; - at the right price.

Here at Monster AdVans we are ready to encounter every challenge that this unique medium can provide. We cater for all campaigns large and small. Our experienced AdVan drivers will ensure that your campaign will always deliver a high exposure rate and that it will always be seen in high impact areas/locations in accordance to your campaign requirements.

  • Website Promoting
  • Sales & Store Events
  • Grand Openings
  • Product Launches
  • Elections & Protests
  • Publicity Events
  • Public Interest Campaigns

Static or mobile options to reach your customers anywhere; anytime; on the move; or stood stationary. Our AdVans grab attention wherever they go and get noticed. A slim-line design make our AdVans visually attractive; eye catching & non-intrusive on the roads, and therefore do not de-value your brand. Can be used day or night and are just as attractive; if not more at dawn/night work when the back-lit ambient lighting is switched on - putting your ad/campaign up in lights.

Any market/event can be reached to promote and gain awareness of your campaign to your potential target audience. Our AdVans are a very effective medium which can be used to deliver your message and are at home whether around town or in the city, on the move, or in a static position. The choices and options are limitless.