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  • Full Campaign Accountability
  • Experienced campaign drivers
  • GPS driver reports
  • Campaign pictures
Monster Advertising Agency's Services
Monster Advertising Agency's Services Monster Advertising Agency's Services

AdVan Media: Targeting Your Audience

Our AdVan drivers are all equipped with mobile phones, digital cameras, and our AdVans are fitted with GPS navigation and GPS satellite tracking. Our experienced AdVan drivers are always under pressure to perform and the client campaign is always the primary objective. Our drivers are also provided with digital cameras to capture plenty of pictures throughout the campaign which are then ready to be sent on to the client/agency as requested at the end of the campaign run along with the GPS activity report. Monster AdVans offers a 100% fully accountable campaign.

At Monster AdVans our marketing drive is geared towards our clients’ outdoor advertising goals. Our marketing aim is to help drive forward an AdVan campaign that will deliver the results that meet our clients’ marketing objectives and strategies.

Monster Advans strives to offer the greatest exposure at the right price, specializing in promoting your campaign whether it is for generating brand awareness, promoting your brand image; business; message; corporate identity or special event. Our purpose built 48 sheet AdVans will put your message where you want it, when you want it, ensuring that your ad is seen by your consumer target market/audience. By being completely mobile we can place or drive your campaign in high impact locations. Our AdVans also offer ambient back-lighting for dawn & night work.

Outdoor mobile advertising is an established and rapidly growing part of any broad reaching media campaign. Monster AdVans offers a cost effective vehicle for advertising in this marketplace.