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Blackburn & Darwen Council

Blackburn & Darwen Council
Primary objectives:
Fitness Gym Promotion
Secondary objectives:
New memebership Join-up
Campaign Details:

Client had provided us with image files and had asked us to undertake the task of providing the campaign artwork. Our own artwork designer was then put to task in creating some designs. The client was then given the chance to view; ask for amendments and finally sign-off the artwork as satisfied- for campaign approval. 

 The councils marketing objective was to promote both of their fitness/leisure centres which were based in Blackburn and in Darwen

Campaign Route Details:
Intensive Driver Role
Intensive Route Plan
Non-Intensive Logistics Role from Management/Campaign-operator.

A very intensive and demanding driver's role required throughout from the very start to finish. One of the more demanding campaigns which Monster Ads has undertaken. A very route intensive and time-sensitive campaign where client strategy which key in delivering and fulfilling the clients marketing objectives. Driver was required to deliver an almost hour-by-hour route fulfillment rate for each day of the campaign. Driver was to ensure that the advan would meet promotional staff at specified areas throughout the day. 

Logistically quite an easy campaign to operate from the management perspective. The driver and advan were able to commute back and forth each day from our base.
Campaign Areas:
Blackburn & Darwen
Campaign Pictures:
Blackburn & Darwen Council Blackburn & Darwen Council